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Nike (Nike) released the 2011 Air Jordan (Air Jordan) series of new shoes, cheap fake air jordans shoes allegedly Air Jordan shoe series, section 26, but over the years the series introduced a variety of styles, fake air jordans from china it is difficult to know whether the figure is correct. In addition to classic sneakers fans said three color matching, new this year also launched a flagship Chinese style limited edition: Rabbit Michael Jordan special section.

To already retired American basketball star named shoes and Chinese zodiac combination seems a bit strange, but this is clearly a deliberate Jordan (Michael Jordan) arrangements, because this year happens to be an important year for Jordan. Famous for jumping ability to Jordan, fake air jordans cheap he was born in Year of the Rabbit (1963) might not surprising. Now, nearing 48 years of age, he is entering its fourth year, which is named after him shoes is full of Chinese color.
The Year of the Rabbit special edition sneakers shoebox design modeled envelopes, trapeze silhouette log commonplace around surrounded by red and golden yellow color of the iconic geometric designs and Chinese characters. Shoe color is white, golden yellow, red and gray, of which at least two are China's fashion color, this shoe will and Chinese national team and the Chicago Bulls (Chicago Bulls) are equipped with uniforms, in addition to phase Hotels are not much fake air jordans for sale. The limited edition is printed on the shoe insole "Brooklyn" (Brooklyn) words, Brooklyn, New York is the birthplace of Jordan, many Chinese live here.
This color may be chosen there is another explanation: According to widespread superstition, a person will be a lot of misfortune in the year, which drove a method is bad luck to wear red. Many Chinese men generally catered for this red underwear cheap fake air jordans, lingerie brands as Hanes (Hanes) spokesman, Jordan may not worried about red panties, he might have wanted to find a game at the impromptu give yourself a little extra protection methods.
In early February, Nike launched this special limited edition sneakers, only China has sold several stores, shoe stores and more will visit China in the number of stores in the United States on February 19. This week, Beijing and Shanghai, said Nike shoe store immediately launched a stock, these stores have not get the goods is not known, but in Hong Kong, this shoe only get through a lucky draw chance.
This series of limited edition Air Jordan sneakers little for the average consumer, the amount of the shoes are rarely published, and will be favorites to quickly grab the hand, and was being touted in the online auction, the price of a few pairs of shoes on eBay more than $ 400.
In the National Basketball League (NBA), Wade (Dwayne Wade) Such players will wear the 2011 Air Jordan sneakers, but will not wear this color Rabbit Special Edition. This special edition sneakers did not last year's models so ugly, last year's sneakers designed with plastic frame on one side, will put on the exposed part of socks, but this year's special edition is far better than 1993's Air Jordan sneakers nine generations, many years after its launch, fake air jordan sale this money well-known shoe design is still talked about. The gold lace, red tongue and translucent soles Rabbit Special Edition Air Jordan shoes to get so popular may also take some time.


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